What They Say


“A massive THANK YOU Coach Mo for all the valuable support setting up DEIS UK!
Working with you has been an excellent way to get the ball rolling with DEIS UK, putting together the vision

board, business plan, SWOT, and all the essential bits. This was a dream that I envisioned five years down the

road, but thanks to your encouragement the team and I were able to find the right way to set up the

organisation. After such an amazing personal development process, it was super easy to meet and exceed our

goals so far!”

Beatrix Konyves, Co-Founder & President of DEIS UK



“The Alternative Career programme is very useful, when you need to understand what I need to do and how I
need to do it with my career journey, it gives you guidance in finding a career path and you gain the knowledge

of who you should talk to you and how you should talk to them, what resources are available and what you

need and you’re also motivated to stride forward looking for work you actually believe in.”

Junior – Lewisham


“I was first introduced to Coach Mo last year and since then, my life has changed for the better. Coach Mo has
helped me realise my potential and given me the necessary advice and skills to develop further. I was scared,

lacked confidence and my career was stagnating. I have increased my writing output and developed my online

social presence and I currently work as an Audience Co-Ordinator for Lost In TV where I have worked on such

shows as “The Apprentice. Thanks Maurice!”

Brandon Treacy 2023 – The Alternative Career Programme – Lewisham Council


Coach Mo